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RTEX not only does recruitment for Private Equity (PE) & Venture Capital (VC) funds but also recruits/hire for PE/VC portfolios/investee companies, funded start ups & new ventures of MNCs across varied sectors.


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Multinational companies (MNC’s) have several challenges when it comes to hiring 1st time in India. They often have questions like :-

  1. 1. Where or which industries do we find the right skills we are looking for?
  2. 2. Does these skills exists in the same industry we are in?
  3. 3. How much CTC would a senior person come at?
  4. 4. How to structure the compensation of core & leadership team?
  5. 5. What should be our retention strategy?

RTEX help client solves all these challenges and many more.

RTEX helps international firms set up in India. It recruits the leadership and core team members for the international firms/MNCs. It helps in the recruitment and search of the senior management & core team. It helps set up subsidiary in India by recruiting first few team members. It takes turnkey projects for this.

RTEX also helps clients in structuring the compensation, advising the prevalent rates of compensations in the Industry, negotiation compensation and retention strategy for MNCs entering India or setting up shops in India.

Hiring, Retention
Strategy and Employee Satisfaction

RTEX constantly works to better understand the current and new challenges being faced by the industry/companies in the human resource area and develop appropriate strategy in recruitment and retention to maximize returns for our client’s organization.

We also offer uniquely actionalable employee satisfaction survey designing, conducting, analyzing & interpreting results. Again our deep industry experience & management experience becomes a key differentiator.


RTEX is a boutique consulting firm providing services in the space of :-


  1. 1. Organizational Behavior(OB) Consulting
  2. 2. Leadership training
  3. 3. Leadership mentoring
  4. 4. Top management training
  5. 5. Compensation Survey
  6. 6. Compensation consulting
  7. 7. OB interventions


For start-ups/newly formed companies, we offer complete range of services such as development of HR policies and procedures.

We also offer services of developing Human Resource management software that is developed as customized solutions for clients.


Standard Trainings


We offer several kinds of Training services and Solutions. Through our associates, we bring standard training programs for middle and senior level management.

Custom Training Solutions


We also offer organizations customized training solutions with complete multimedia and internet based capabilities. Our industry experience again is our key differentiator in building the right kind of training tool kits and programs for the target audiences.

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