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"RTEX HR SERVICES” is an Exclusively Private Limited, focused executive search firm. It boasts of working with some of the TOP names in Private Equity (PE) / Venture Capital (VC) Industry."

It equally do recruitment for a large number of portfolios of all type of industries Manufacturing, Servicing, Healthcare, Accounting, IT, Govt. Subsidiaries etc.. It handles strategic as well as tactical positions in the portfolios/investee companies.

RTEX specializes in recruiting for funded start-ups or MNCs setting up subsidiaries in India. It has track record of helping start-ups set up teams from scratch. We understand the pain of promoters to hire/recruit talent who is willing to accept the challenge of working with startups and committed to work hard to take a new venture to new heights. We help promoters/Top management to find such people quickly.

Through our wide industry network, associates and sourcing channels, we work to identify top talents that can potentially build and grow the client’s organization.


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